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Single Washable Cloth Pad
Single Washable Cloth Pad
Single Washable Cloth Pad

Single Washable Cloth Pad


Green Rays Pads are the Ideal Reusable Alternatives to traditional sanitary products, a Must-Have for those who want to manage their period in a sustainable and comfortable way.



Menstruation, discharge, mild incontinence, after delivery for the post-partum discharges.

Why Is It Better?

  • SOFT - Enjoy using just smooth layers of charcoal bamboo, no more "plasticky diaper feeling".
  • COMFORTABLE - Be fully protected All Day & All Night.
  • CHEMICAL-FREE - Lower the risk of rashes, allergies and infections.
  • ODOUR-FREE - No more "funky" smells. 
  • ECO-FRIENDLY- No more trash in the landfills, get to have a Zero-Waste Period.
  • ECONOMICAL - Reuse for years (not just hours) and save lots of money in the long run.



Bamboo Charcoal, Waterproof PUL.

Bamboo Charcoal is known to be a highly absorbent material which also neutralizes the smells, keeping you dry and fresh while the dark colour is forgiving any possible stains. 

The outer layer is waterproof, ensuring a leak-free period.


Menstrual Pads Sizes:

  • Mini Pad (20,5 x 18 cm) - Which can be used as pantyliner, at the beginning and the end of your period or by those with a lighter flow
  • Midi Pad (25,5 x 18 cm) - Medium-sized, for an average flow
  • Maxi Pad (30,5 x 23 cm) - Long Pad which can be used overnight or by those who have a higher flow.


Pre-rinse with water before putting them together with your regular laundry. If gently used, feel free to skip the rinsing. Caring for your period in an eco-friendly way is THAT easy! And quite liberating too.